Honour Guard

The Richmond Firefighter’s Honour Guard was the first Honour Guard in the region and still maintains over 30 members in its ranks. This team has represented the members of Richmond Fire Rescue locally and internationally.


        The Honour Guard is looking for new members to join our ranks. The HG was initially formed in 1976 by Pat Gallichan and Dave Cullen, (alias “Vinnie”), and has been involved in many events since that time.  Typically, our yearly commitments are the Awards and Recognition Ceremony, the Retirement Dance and the Remembrance Day Ceremony. We hold 4-8 practices a year and we participate in funerals in our department, as well as other departments. We have also been to the 2015 Colorado Springs International Fallen Firefighters Memorial service where we truly experienced what it meant to be part of the Firefighting Community. Every 2 years, we attend the Firefighters Memorial service in Victoria along with F/F’s from all over BC. We were also involved in the opening of the new City Hall as well as the official opening of the Alex Fraser Bridge.

In short, it is a very rewarding organization to be involved with but, there is a commitment to being involved with the HG. We expect you to make a reasonable effort to attend practices and events and, where necessary, you may be released from duty to attend a ceremony. You need to ensure your full-dress uniform is pressed, wrinkle-free and ready to go on short notice, as is the case with some funerals. 

The HG currently consists of 30 members, many of whom joined the HG shortly after finishing probation. Pat and Vinnie are still parading even though they retired years ago. With them ,we have 5 retired members still involved, like myself.

So, if this is something you feel you could commit to, please send an email to Grant Wyenberg stating your intentions. If you have any questions or concerns, speak to some of the current members at work or, give me a call and we’ll chat. Don’t be shy, ’cause we’re not!

Yours truly,

Capt. Bill Mulder, ret.